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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Generator hire is available for the following minimum periods.


Weekday Pickup: from 10am - 4pm
Weekday Drop-off: before 9am

Weekend Pickup: Between 8am and 1pm on Friday
Weekend Drop-off: Before 9am Monday


There is no maximum time that you can rent our generators for. Payment arrangements for longer term rentals will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Up to 6kVA, the generators have plugs which you simply plug an extension cord into. The larger generators have different configurations and connection points. If you have a specific connection requirement please enquire with us to ensure that the generator you want to hire is configured correctly.

From 15kVA upwards the generators are on trailers. The larger generators are on double axel trailers with independent braking system. All trailers are maintained to a high standard and are fully licensed. The smaller generators do not come on trailers as they are too small, they do however have wheels. You will need to bring a pickup in order to transport the smaller units. They are too large and heavy for a regular vehicle.

DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDABLE IF THE GENERATOR IS RETURNED IN THE SAME CONDITION. You are required to pay a deposit on every unit hired. This deposit is to cover the generator for any damage caused whilst in your possession. If the deposit does not cover the damage, you will be liable for any additional payment.

We do not deliver or collect generators. It is your responsibility to collect and return the generator at the necessary times to avoid additional charges.

Generators from 15kVA upwards are insured by Power on Wheels. The generators smaller than 15kVA are not insured by Power on Wheels and it is up to the client to cover the insurance. Should the generator be lost / stolen / damaged when in the clients possession, it will be for the clients account to have the generator restored to its original condition.

Power on Wheels is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hence generator rentals outside of South Africa cannot be considered. If you require a generator rental outside of Gauteng you would be required to pick up and return the generator to our Johannesburg offices.


  • Johannesburg
  • Port Elizabeth

All generators come 100% ready to run. All generators come with a full tank of fuel. If the unit is not returned with a full tank of fuel, it will be deducted from the initial deposit.

If you are renting the generator in your personal capacity, we require a copy of your ID document, or if it is on behalf of a company, we will need your company registration document. A contract containing all your details will be drawn up and signed by both yourself and Power on Wheels.

YES - A qualified electrician should always be used when using our rental generators.All installations temporary or permanent should be checked by a qualified electrician before being turned on. Power On Wheels is not liable for damage to equipment caused by incorrect connections.

Safety is the responsibility of the RENTER (you). Ensure that the generator is cordoned off from the public and only the necessary people have access to the generator, Distribution board and all other accessories. Safety should come first! Ensure that all cables are in good condition and will not become exposed during operation.

No problem - We rent out generators over the weekend. The generators have to be collected by 1pm on Friday and returned by 9am on Monday morning. Power On Wheels is not open over the weekend. Technical assistance is available, but no pick up's or drop off's will be available. Over weekends a 2 day minimum rental is applicable.

The choice is yours. Fill it up with fuel before returning it
- OR -
We will fill it up and deduct the expense from the deposit.

No - The generator does not come with an operator. The operating instructions will be explained to the person collecting the generator.

The operating instructions are also stuck on every unit and are available on this website under the Support section.

Should the generator stop working you can contact our 24 Hour support line also found under the support section of this website.