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We understand that when you host an event or when the power suddenly goes out, you might need more than just the generator. We have you covered! You can hire additional cable and distribution boards (DB) from us too. Remember safety first!

In addition to the accessories which you can hire from us. All our generators come with a distribution board (DB) mounted on the trailer. The DB has multiple plug sockets so you can run extension cables directly from the generator as well as multiple other plug configurations for larger load applications.

When connecting equipment to the generator, it should always be done by a qualified electrician who should check that the cabling for the generator matches the configuration of the equipment.

We do our best to supply all generators, cables and distribution boards with standard cabling configurations that comply with all standards, however Power On Wheels is not responsible for damage to electrical equipment should the generator, cables and Distribution board not be checked and installed by a qualified electrician. Please take precautions to ensure your equipment is not damaged.

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  • KDE45SS3 DB Board
  • KDE45SS3 with DB